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Last week was busy for us at Metro NZ. The office hosted a great get together for everyone at level 33 of the ANZ Building. In a partnership with David Burton, Metro NZ and Regus, the team had a great networking morning filled with amazing coffee, delicious pastries and incredible people. Our very own John Baatjes led the event giving a great speech and telling everyone about what we do and introducing David Burton from Jack’s Coffee as well as the Regus management.

Who is David Burton?


David Burton is the creator of Jack’s Coffee. Jack’s Coffee delivers you freshly roasted coffee and amazing hot chocolate. David connects the gap between people and great coffee.

Jack’s Coffee was named after David’s father whom shared his passion for beverages loved by many: coffee and tea. He comes from a great lineage of tea drinkers.

Thanks to such influence, David is known by many as “one of the fathers of the New Zealand coffee industry” (Jack’s Coffee, 2018). He may as well be responsible for Auckland’s incredible love for good coffee.

Back in 2002, David and his partners founded Burton Hollis, which now is responsible for providing coffee lovers and the hospitality industry with amazing coffee. Thanks to David, access to good coffee is never too far away since he developed widely available brands such as Columbus coffee, Burton’s, Gravity’s and Jed’s (Jack’s coffee, 2018).

At the event, David shared his knowledge and passion for coffee. He taught all of us present how to manage, brew and made sure we knew we were getting the best.

He was also kind enough to give away some great Jack’s Coffee products to the guests.


Regus management joined the speeches to introduce themselves and kindly gave a great speech. Our very own John Baatjes and Frank Rangi were responsible for introducing and talking about our dearest Metro NZ.


Overall, the event was a huge success and we thank everyone involved. It was a great pleasure. We hope you enjoy the photos also.


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Marketing Team.


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