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Being the finalist to Westpac Business Award in Excellence of Strategy and Planning, we have made a huge effort to be stand out from the whole management industry. See what our staff say about Metro NZ and our services!

Frank Rangi, Managing Director of Metro NZ Property Management,

Metro NZ Property Management Ltd, Finalist for the prestige Westpac Business award 2018.

“What else” Says George C

Metro NZPM manages all its activities, small or big, as projects. Using KPMG’s Business Sorter, a cutting-edge toll, in planning and strategizing has assisted Metro NZPM to be the 2018 finalist. Above is Combined with a team of highly intelligent, smart, educated, trained property graduates managers, whom invites you to call us for your rental portfolio management. From Whangarei to Auckland and Hamilton. Call Frank Rangi 021 642 119 or [email protected] or

Zsuzsanna-Tantos- Rangi, Managing Director of Metro NZ Property Management and Metro NZ Europe Division, International property manager, Entrepreneur

10 Tips to help you to Meet Deadlines!

You will find that Metro NZ Property Management is not your ordinary property management company – That’s for sure!  Meeting deadlines creates a sense of urgency and everyone is benefiting from this! Call Zsuzsanna on 021 771 700 or [email protected] or

Here are 10 Tips to help you to meet deadlines:

  1. Care about deadlines
  2. Keep a list of projects & deadlines
  3. Communicate a clear deadline
  4. Have a clear outcome
  5. Break down the project
  6. Focus on the first step
  7. Block off adequate time.
  8. Have a start and complete date for each step.
  9. Don’t overcommit.    And finally 
  10. Learn from mistakes

Ali Hashemifar, Property Manager, and qualified Financial Advisor

Based on try story;

Clients can benefit from Metro’s years of combined experience in property: A) to strategically purchase ‎a property that ticks all the boxes for a decent investment, B) to add value to the property and C) to ‎rent out the property at a higher range of the market rent. All these factors increase the return on ‎investment ratio.‎ Call Ali Hashemifar on 022 1769907 or [email protected] or

John Baatjes, General Manager, and Property Manager 

Metro NZ Staff are constantly reminded to be obsessed with Customer Service. This aspect of Property Management fosters long term relationships, be it investors, tenants or tradies and is a key component of our strategic approach that has contributed to Metro NZ being a recognized as a Finalist in the Westpac Awards for Excellence in Strategy & Planning 2018. Call John Baatjes or [email protected] or visit

Layla You, Office Manager, Graduates from University of Auckland, Bachelor of Property 

Metro NZ Property Management is the finalist for Excellence in Strategy and Planning at Westpac Business Award 2018. Why? Because we are the best in planning our future and our clients’ future, strategically! Contact us now for the plan of your future investment!

keys to our success are our processes. Processes are important to us because it describes how things are done and then provides the focus for making them better! With our process, we design our own way to success!

Kristen Flannery, Property Manager

The proposal project required teamwork, with participation from every team member.  Regular meetings were held and each member of the Metro NZ team was charged with researching and providing certain parts of the proposal, using their skills in the areas of their strength.

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting on other people.  Timeliness for all deadlines is crucial and our team always delivered their part on time.

The document was drafted, edited and passed around the team again and again for further edits and additions. Our business coaches and supporters also assisted in the editing of the proposal.

Attention to detail is another important part of the process and the final document presented epitomised the Metro NZ Brand.

Together teamwork makes the dream work and that is how we became finalists in the strategy and planning awards.

With this great team, we can deliver the best service you want!

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