Building Management


Like Residential Property Management, Building Management takes the hassle of property ownership away from the owner and landlord. Building Management usually involves larger, multi-tenanted properties and is frequently and addition to Body Corporate Administration. Metro NZ’s approach to building management is hands-on, in that our building managers take the time for frequent visits to the building. That on-site approach ensures that there is a pro-active response to any issues that are present at the time and also identifies potential issues before they arise.  

What is Building Management?

Just like any residential property requires management and maintenance, so do larger buildings. The tasks range from day-to-day operations and planning to managing operations repairs that need to be taken care of from time to time.

Building Maintenance

Buildings have to be maintained. A good building manager will put in place a maintenance plan that covers things like internal fittings, appliances, air conditioning, phones, IT systems, security and the like. The plan would include budgeting and scheduling.

Asset Management

All building assets are placed on an asset register for accounting (depreciation) purposes. This is tied to the maintenance and replacement plan.

Fault Management

Metro NZ is available for first response when faults  occur and will manage the process of arranging suitable service personnel or contractors to remedy and report on these faults.

Building Security

An important part of the building management is the management of security. That included monitoring systems like cameras, gates and gate swipe cards or fobs. The security system requires management of the hardware, but also extends into dealing with the building tenants.

Grounds and Landscaping

Like the building, grounds need to be maintained and kept pristine. That requires the management of a team, supervision and reporting.

Metro NZ maintains a “walk-in” approach to building management that ensures that keeps us in touch with the landlord or owners and tenants.