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This week I came across a very interesting article on The Entrepreneur:” You Can Embrace Green Building Without Breaking the Bank” which brings up the question: SHOULD New Zealand corporate business adopt Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)?

As a country that prides itself on the fact that its called “Green New Zealand”, maybe its time for us as a country to be greener when it comes to our office workplaces.

Another article that made the headlines this week was the fact that an American backpacker blasted the “Pure New Zealand” statement as a real myth. This article made headlines on NZ Herald.

According to J. Lee (2017), commercial tenants usually prefer sustainable buildings due to the very simple desire to help the environment.

Investors are quite aware of the need to help the environment and when choosing a property to work with such as the ideal office space, they will be looking for verifications. In this case, the verification is called LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Still according to J. Lee (2017), buildings that have the LEED verification status usually have employees that are happier, healthier, way more productive and often are retained by their business.

According to the same, one interesting fact is that over two hundred thousand buildings all over the globe are currently certified by LEED. Even though this may sound like a lot, this number represents only a very small percentage of what it should ideally be.

Investing on a LEED certification can be quite costly, but what is happening is that with time, every other building should join this trend. At the moment, the justification for not embracing this certification is that the demand in minimal to justify the investment.

In conclusion, buildings should adopt the LEED certification. It is part of the future and a contribution to our futures. It is an investment which will increase your property value.

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