Increase the value of your property with these DIY hacks – Bathroom

There are many options you can choose from once you decide you would like to increase the value of your property. First step is to know how much it is actually worth, then you can decide whether it is worth putting effort in the renovation. Click here to know how much your property is worth. 

Inside the house there are many rooms you can add value to, one of them is the kitchen, about which you can read here. Renovating your bathroom is another way to increase the value of your property. 

Whenever it comes to renovating your home, keep this rule of thumb in your mind: your taste might not be the taste of the market. Meaning, if you would like to sell your property in the future try to keep it the colors and styles simple a neutral.

Top 5 DIY Hacks to add value to your bathroom

1. Sticking is the way to go

It might seem a bit unusal at first glance, but it is true. You can stick a lot of stuff on that would make your bathroom look like new. For example, you can stick on your floor, you can stick on some tiles around the mirror or right under the tub. They are easy to do, cheap and they look amazing. 

2. Upgrade your metal surfaces

Replacing the taps and towel rails next to the shower is a great idea, however paintig them might be an even better one. An extra layer of darker or metallic color can change the whole outlook of your bathroom. 

3. Add some leaves

There are many plants that love water and humidity, and can be a nice feature of your bathroom. Asparagus, Chinese Evergreen and some ferns are all tropical plants that love humidity and do well even in a shadier corner of your bathroom. 

4. Pick a color

Bathrooms are usually painted white. Understandable, easy to clean, and it is easy to see when it is time to do so. However, adding some color to your bathroom can make it a much more friendly place. 

5. Upgrade your lighting

Lighting is an essential feature of your bathroom. Upgrade your bulbs to LED ones, that provide a stronger light. Also, you can move the light from above the mirror to next to it. To make it a pleasant experience to look in the mirror when the light is on, you can get some stylish light covers that dim the light so it dosn’t hurt your eyes. 

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