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Increase the value of your property with these DIY hacks – Kitchen

As the heat of the summer slowly disappears it can be a good idea to have a look around a house you would like to sell how to increase the value of it. In this blog we give you some tips how to renovate your kitchen with these DIY hacks.

There are many ways to add value to your home. In the case of an apartment however, it might be one of the few possibilities you can take. If you are not sure how much your property is worth, have a look at one of our previous blogs: Know how much your property is worth.

Whenever it comes to renovating your home, keep this rule of thumb in your mind: your taste might not be the taste of the market. Meaning, if you would like to sell your property in the future try to keep it the colours and styles simple a neutral.

Top 5 DIY Hacks to add value to your kitchen

1. Expand storage units

Kitchen Hob

Have as many storage units as possible. You can also get some doors off from your cupboards, creating a nice open space with it. 

2. Create an island

Kitchen Island

An island is a freestanding piece of cabinetry that is placed in a kitchen to supplement the countertop space. It comes very handy when you would like to cook with someone, or you have many ingredients to use. It sometimes has a built in sink, therefore it can be very expensive to build. However, if you put a kabinet in the kitchen, that would still extend your countertop space and providing more storage as well.  

3. Add an extra layer

Painting Property

Whatever if it comes to the kitchen cabinets the walls or the floor, an extra layer of paint or lacque always gives a new look to your kitchen. IF you have a small kitchen use light colors, since they visually expand tha space. 

4. Install a Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Hob Property

Putting up tiles behind the countertop gives you not only a shiny surface but  protection as well. Tiles are much easier to clean and they are waterproof as well. Choosing a creative pattern can add some extra style to the kitchen. 

5. Add undercabinet lighting

Kitchen Oven

It is a general problem that since the placing of the countertops by the walls, we create shady areas in the kitchen. However, if you add some undercabinet lighting, you can brighten up the whole room, and create a much more pleasant cooking experience as well.  

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