It’s gardening time!

A garden can be the place of family time, the spot for a romantic picnic dinner or some relaxing alone time with a great book. Either way, gardening requires special care, and these steps to succeed in the creating.

1. Know your soil

Unfortunately the soil in New Zealand often requires some boost. You can ad some sort of compost. This is a crucial step to deliver before the actual gardening. This way you can make sure your plants will get enough minerals from the soil. 

2. Plan your garden

Plan the purpose

Property Management planning

Before you start digging and before you run to the shop to buy anything, take a piece of paper and plan. During this step you can think about what you would like to use your garden. BBQ with your friends? Playground for the kids? Or maybe both? 

Plan the design

Once you know what the purpose of the design of your garden is, you can start drawing it. Have an approximate plan about where you would like to plant trees, bushes or flowers. Keep space for outdoor furniture and the BBQ as well. 

3. Pick your plants

It is very important to pick the proper plants for your garden based on how shady and wet the garden is. Try to choose local species, this way, you can be sure, the plant is doing great in the NZ weather. Before gardening make sure you provide proper soil for your chosen species.

4. It's shopping time!

After the careful planning, it’s time to visit your favourite supplier. Do not be shy to ask for help in the shop, the experts will be able to tell you how to treat your plants to make them flourish. Don’t forget your gardening accessories, a spade, a watering can and a pair of gloves and gardening clippers for starters. 

5. It's gardening time!

Plan carefully how much work you can do a day, go step by step. Some plants don’t react well on stayin on the sun for long without being in the soil, therefore make sure you don’t leave anything out for overnight. Get ready, it might take a whole day to plant everything. 

By following these 5 steps you will be able to create your ultimate relaxing area in your garden. Have fun with the gardening! 

Rethinking your garden can be not only a funcional change, but a great way to increase the value of your property. You can also increase the value of your property by renovating your kitchen or bathroom

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