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Who is Metro NZ Property Management, you may be asking yourself. The easy answer would be a twenty-one-year-old nationwide overly experienced investment and property management company based in Auckland, New Zealand. In honesty, this company is SO more than just that.  We are a group of people that have been in the business long enough to understand the needs and wants of people like you. We are all about values. We manage and invest in property with honesty and integrity and we will always have our client’s best interest at heart. Most of all, we are a family in and out of the office.

Last Thursday on March the 8th, Metro NZ Property Management Team had the great opportunity to join Regus with whom we work very closely to, to attend the Volvo Ocean Race event 2018. It was great for networking and support our team Sun Hung kai/scallywag.

A little bit about the team, Scallywag has David Witt as its leader, an experienced heavy weather sailor whom is back in the water after twenty years of absence. Scallywag represents Hong Kong and it is the first entry into the Volvo Ocean Race. The team is backed up by Seng Huang Lee and Sun Hung Kai & Co, Hong Kong based. The team has 12 experienced members who are all determined to win the Volvo Ocean Race.

Some curiosities about Scallywag:

  • The team meet land every 20 days in average
  • There is a whole team in land backing up the sailors i.e. logistics
  • John Fisher is known for “knowing everything about sailing”
  • Auckland is one of their major stops
  • They take a break in Auckland, so that Volvo can take care of all the engineering part of the boat.
  • When meeting land some of the crew members sleep for over 24 hours
  • The team composes of seven Australians, one Dutch, three British and one Portuguese crew members

Frank Faramarz Rangi, Zsuzsanna Tantos-Rangi, John Baatjes and Matheus Lima Souza, Metro NZ Property Management’s Director, Senior International Property Manager, Senior Property Manager and Marketing Assistant, respectively, represented Metro at the Volvo Ocean Race Event.

We hope you enjoy the pictures and we would like to thank Carlos, Regus Management for the great event. We would also like to thank the Scallywag team for the hard work and finally we would like to thank everyone else involved. We all had a great evening and we even had the opportunity to sail in the boats.

For more information, check out the Volvo Ocean Race website:

And for more information about the Scallywag team, check out:

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