Our Property Management Team in Auckland and Hamilton New Zealand

Office Manager / Head of Asian Division, Licensed Sale Person Under REAA 2008

Layla You - Office Manager / Head of Asian Division, Licensed Sale Person Under REAA 2008

Layla is a graduate of the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Property (BProp). She has advanced property management and valuation skills and a background in building construction and development.

Layla knows every detail of the property industry and enjoys contributing to the property industry, especially service delivery at Metro NZ.

Her background as the Metro NZ Property Management Senior Property Management Office Manager & Head of Asian Division has returned a wealth of experience with coordinating sub-contractors and Council staff in order to ensure projects are complete on time, this included large project such as high pressure residential property subdivisions.

Layla is responsible for assisting property managers so that they could focus on their core work to deliver the best customer service to investors and tenants. She is also a multi-language speaker and focuses on Metro NZ’s Asian Division to create a comfortable environment for our Asian Owners and Investors.

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Layla You

Property Manager / Building Manager

Kristen was born and bred in Poolburn, a small farming community in Central Otago and educated in Alexandra. She progressively made her way to Auckland via Dunedin, Christchurch, the UK and Sydney.

Kristen spent 20 years in the financial services industry working for accounting and financial planning firms. She has more recently been involved in property management, body corporate administration and residential and commercial building management.

Kristen and her sister took over the family hotel in Alexandra in 2012 and ran it until they leased it out in 2017.

An active member of the Rotary Club of Auckland, she was a board member of the Ponsonby Community Centre in 2010-2012.

An apartment dweller, Kristen lives and works in Central Auckland and has two children, aged 11 and 13.

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Kristen Flannery

Marketing Assistant

Lilla is a Hungarian university student, specialising in marketing, who’s interest in property management led her to us, completing her internship at Metro NZ Property Management as a marketing assistant.

Thanks to her studies at her home university Lilla brings a new view to the company.

Lilla is responsible for managing our online social media platforms, writing our blogs and organizing our marketing events.

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Lilla Kovács

Director / Senior Property Manager

Frank used to run a thriving distribution company in Auckland and Syndey. During this time he and his wife Zsuzsanna invested their hard-earned money in rental property in NZ and Europe.

That eventually led, via working for a various property management companies, to Metro NZ. Frank believes in leading the team at Metro NZ by giving them ownership of their own portfolio. The fact that the weekly meetings are called “Innovation Labs” speaks to how the team works together.

Frank also believes in giving back and so Metro NZ supports a range of charities. Caring for the welfare of others started in Frank’s early years as a graduate in Neuro-science from Otago university and now he combines his passion for property, with dedicating his efforts to help the Metro NZ clients and supporting the team at Metro NZ.

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Frank Rangi

Managing Director / Senior Property Manager

Goal-orientated, well directed, rational and approachable, Zsuzsanna Tantos-Rangi is a Managing Director of Metro NZ Euro Division, also a senior international property manager in NZ and with almost thirty years of entrepreneurial experience.

Originally from Hungary, she now mostly lives in New Zealand for 30 year with her husband. Graduated first from Hungary and with a masters degree from New Zealand Zsuzsanna can offer a perfect understanding of her clients’ needs in both sides of the planet. With an intense background in business has been exposed to great deal of design, Interior, architectural, managerial and property management environment which gives her a competitive advantage when it comes managing your property.

Zsuzsanna is empathetic, friendly, well-connected and approachable. She says it as she sees it. Her wide experience in business, dealing with people and professional and personal experiences, allow Zsuzsanna to see the bigger picture when it comes to property management. She works with the mind-set that relates to understanding about how her clients can benefit from her services and solving the wide variety of issues her clients might have.

Well experienced, trustworthy and humble. Zsuzsanna believes that everyone has an opportunity to succeed in the property business and she bring real values into her clients.
Honesty is one of her main attributes.
She also aims to bring happiness into people’s lives.

Don’t hesitate contacting Zsuzsanna to find your dream home. She is available for business both in New Zealand and in Hungary.

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Zsuzsanna Tantos-Rangi

Senior Property Managers

Marion and Ann are new addition to Metro NZ Hamilton Property Management Department.

Ann and Marion have joined the team at Metro, having extensive experience in property ownership, management and development for the past 40 years. Both have previously worked in health and disability services.

Ann was a property manager for a provider of homes and services for people with disabilities and subsequently joined their board as a director and for a period was chair of the board. She also has experience in credit unions including management and the board of directors. Marion purchased her first rental property in 1978, and together with Ann has grown their own property portfolio as well as a management portfolio.

Marion has extensive experience in the organisation of renovations and new builds. Both of us are passionate about matching the right properties for the needs of both investors and tenants.

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Licensed Sale Agent Under REAA 2008

Chris Smith, JP Property Manager & Licensed Real Estate Agent Holder of AFSL Doctor of Business Administration

An accomplished senior-level executive with operational and financial market experience advising Senior Executives and Boards in strategic vision and investments that span across several industries including real estate, agriculture, financial services, funds management and equity markets. A record of accomplishment in relationship management, expert investment sourcing and structuring for businesses in both Australia and Overseas.

Starting out his career in financial services, Ali was always interested in Real Estate. He also has extensive experience in property investment as an investor by starting his own portfolio in 2013. As a Property Manager and part of a very highly skilled team with experience in property investment, Ali can assist his clients to make the right choices regarding their mortgages and various financial products.

As a motivated achiever and proven bottom-line contributor, I hold a solid record of revenue recovery and generation and cost reductions through process redesign, contract negotiation, organisational reengineering, and human-resources management. Planning, directing and managing high-level activities within an organisation, I show success through developing strategy, managing personnel, building key relationships, creating, and delivering budgets and unprecedented revenue growth.

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Assistant Property Manager

Alice graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Property and Commerce majoring in Economics in 2019.

I am bilingual in Korean and English which will assist me greatly in communication. I am an enthusiastic individual and passionate about property management.

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