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New Zealand is well known for the fact that most rental homes have minimum care about insulation, specially in the colder regions down south like Dunedin. The government of New Zealand has approved a new insulation policy which says that rental homes will compulsorily have underfloor and ceiling insulation, and it is coming in place on July 2019. Property managers are aware of the new changes and even though the policy will only start in over a year and a half time, Metro NZ Property Management is already working hard to make sure landlords and tenants get the best out of the situation. This policy is sort of like an investment since this policy means that landlords will be investing on their property and that tenants will be warmer and healthier. Everybody wins.

Why is insulation so important, you may be asking yourself. According to Tenancy Services (2018), an insulation that is of good quality will keep the heat away in the warmer months and retain the heat during the colder months. This means that rental homes will be warmer and healthier. Still according to the same, ever since 2016, all tenancy agreements demand insulations statements.  Details about the insulation, its location, what kind of insulation and the current condition of it. This is all done so tenants can live healthier lives in a healthy home. Tenancy services now says that starting in July next year, insulation under the floor and ceiling will now be compulsory in all rental homes “where it is practicable to install” (Tenancy Services, 2018) across New Zealand. Regulations must be met, and the insulation must be safely installed. Home owners and investors who fail to comply with the new policy will face a penalty of up to $4000 and Metro NZ Property Management does not want that to happen to you, therefore, we have the contacts and the right people to help you install the best insulations, so you have a healthy home, happy tenants and a happier self since your property will be worth even more with such renovations. We are here for you.

What if you are a tenant? Metro NZ Property Management can still help you. As mentioned previously, obligations need to be met and by choosing us, we will make sure your rental home will meet the new insulation policy. If you believe your home has any insulation issues, you should talk to your property manager and they will take from there. We are here for you.

What is in the new Insulation Statement? The new insulation statement can be downloaded from the Tenancy Services website for free and should be filled by all landlords. The statement covers a range of relevant questions such as:

  • Does the insulation meet the ceiling requirements?
  • Does the insulation meet the underfloor requirements?
  • Location, type and condition of the ceiling insulation
  • Location, type and condition of the underfloor insulation

This form also asks about wall insulation, but the same isn’t compulsory and there are no plans to be made compulsory in July 2019. Still, there is the option of doing so and the option to fill in the statement if the walls of your rental home are insulated.

Such statement also has a specific part to fill in case your rental home already has ceiling and underfloor insulation. The section merely asks more details about the insulations.

In conclusion, the new insulation policy will take place in the first of July 2019 and it is a win for both sides. Here at Metro NZ Property Management, we can answer any queries about the new insulation policy and guide landlords through such changes as well as making sure our tenants are happy, warm in the wild cold months and refreshed in the crazy summer months New Zealand has to offer.

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