When functionality meets art – residential architectural design in New Zealand

“Design is concerned with how things work, how they are controlled, and the nature of the interaction between people and technology. When done well, the results are brilliant, pleasurable products.”

  /Don Norman/

The average price of building a house in New Zealand is six time as much a houshold earns, it should be half of this price however. Building and buying a house are both expensive. Despite the facts, we can found astonishing pieces of homes. Our world class architects representant everything that is exotic and unique about New Zealand.

Architectural desing in New Zealand

Thanks to the prestigious New Zealand Universities offering excellent Architectural design education we are able to walk by art every day. The global way of thinking makes it possible to emerge the whole world in a house, since our architects are not restricted by being given “the kiwi way” of design.

During the architecture design process the client can expect not only a structural plan of their future home, but also the illustrated plan of building materials, fixtures, appliances, hardware, doors and windows as well. The residential design contract may contain the agreements not only about the house, but the garden and the pool areas as well. Even though it is a misconception, that the client is not at all involved in the process, it is true that the meetings tend to be restricted to the minimum. The work of an architecture designer usually results in a somewhat artistic home.

Architectural Designers New Zealand (ADNZ) provides a professional and networking platform nationwide for Kiwi architectural designers. The association awards the most outstanding pieces of architectural art every year, in 8 categories last year. We collected the winners of 2019.

Architectural Designers New Zealand Award winners 2019

Supreme Winner – Huru House
Residential Compact New Home up to 150m2
Andrew Simpson – Wiredog Architecture
National Winner – Shibui House
Residential New Home over 300m2

Red Rock Lane

National Winner – Gable Silhouette
Residential New Home over 300m2
Greg Young -Young Architects
National Winner – Red Rock Lane
Residential New Home Between 150m2 and 300m2
Nic Curragh – Objects Ltd
National Winner – Hereford Apartments
Residential Multi-Unit Dwelling
Greg Young – Youg Architects
National Winner – Esplanade Alterations
Residential Alterations and Additions
Ben Brady – Linetype Architectural
Joint National Winner – Crowne Plaza
Robert Weir – Weir Architecture
Joint National Winner – Campus Wonderful Dairy & Fluid Café
Gary Todd – Gary Todd Architecture Ltd
National Winner – Blackwell and Sons
Commercial Interiors
James Mackie – Mackit Architecture
National Winner – Coffee Culture The Crossing
Resene Colour in Design
Chris Wheeler – Hierarchy Group
National Winner – Shibui House
Colin Stanley People’s Choice
Tane Cox – Red Architecture

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