Who’s the winner?

  • Hamilton Catches Up with Auckland Area’s property growth rateHamilton house prices have risen faster than Auckland Market since January this year. According to Stuff.co.nz, the price has been slow down for a short period during this year then it starts to head up again. As Hamilton is the most populous city of the Waikato region, it becomes a hot area for investors. With only one hour and half drive from Auckland, it also becomes a good choice for first home buyer to live.
  •  According to the Statistics provided by QV, the growing rate of property market in Hamilton reaches 14.40% per year and it is still growing while in Auckland Region, it is only 10.70% per year.
  •  These figures show that the housing crisis has spread from Auckland to Hamilton. However, compared to Auckland House Pricing, Hamilton is still affordable for first home buyer and other experienced investor wants to gain a growing capital value.The average price for Hamilton City is $538,832 in 2017 while in 2016 the average price was $471,072. The substantial growing average price is attractive for property investors. Metro NZ Property Management Ltd just assisted one of our clients with professional advice to help him purchase one property in Hamilton. The purchase price was lower than $270k with a $280/week’s rent appraisal from the agent. Metro NZ supported the owner to renovate the property and eventually got one perfect tenancy for the owner with a rental price more than $340! The owner gained nearly $20000 capital value in the past two months!

    The best timing to buy a property is always yesterday and it is never too late to have your investment. If you thought you cannot afford a property investment, that is totally wrong!

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